Monday, August 2, 2010

Food Challenge results are in!

A big GRAZIE to everyone who voted on our FIRST EVER "Mamma Meets The Cucina" Food Challenge! I am humbly grateful that you considered my recipe to be a "winner" but the truth is that both recipes were winners. It's Italian food, people - there's no such thing as a losing dish!

So a heartfelt congratulations goes out to my opponent, CUCINA DOMENICO for his cheating...I mean, CREATIVITY in using TWO ingredients from our poll! His conniving... I mean, CLEVER skills were put to the test (and clearly he's got skills in the kitchen)! Chef Condo is a better chef than I'll ever be, but to make myself feel better, it is likely that I will rub my victory in his face periodically on this blog - no biggie.


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