Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy St. Valentine's Day (An Italian Love Story)

Being the most romantic holiday of the year, I thought it only appropriate to share a love story. Only this love story is a little close to my heart, as it is about my great grandparents.

It is an especially relevant story given our economic times, since it all happened during the Great Depression. But even in those tough times, the love of their family saw them through.

I think that in struggles and hardships, it is always important to focus on what you DO have. You know, 'count your blessings' and still try to enjoy life. After all, sometimes if you don't laugh, you cry!

So please read my latest article about my great grandmother Josephine Strati and her husband James Savino, who crossed many hard roads to pave the way for future generations. Had they not struggled like they did, I would not be the Italian mamma I am today.

My grandmother, Helen Pusateri, wrote this whole story down from her memory. She did this for me so that I could preserve it and pass on the lessons to my children. I only hope you can all share in the joy and pride it brings me whenever I hear it. We should be proud of our ancestors, who came to America to start a better life for us.

To the article, visit my link on the website, or click here to access it directly. This is a true Italian love story.

CIAO, and much love from una mamma italiana this Valentine's Day....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Women's Role in Italy

This weekend, one of my favorite aunts gave me a very special book that is FULL of interesting random facts guessed it - Italy! So, from now on, everything you ever wanted to know about Italy (and probably a lot of stuff you don't care about) will be posted on this blog.

This book has kept me cracking up (most of the time). Some facts are more interesting or less disturbing than others, but I will definitely be sharing the ones that caught my eye.

The first batch of facts all share a common topic - Women. I thought this was fitting considering my last post in which I disclosed women's recent victory over my household!

1.) In Italy it is considered unfeminine and improper for the woman to pour the wine.

2.) It is illegal for a woman to be a prostitute in Siena - only if her name is Mary. (I guess the Susans and Saras get all the perks?!?)

3.) Venice has had gondolas for more than a thousand years, but never a female gondolier. (In 2007, the Locanda Art Deco hotel did hire a woman to steer their private gondola, but she is not recognized by the gondolier's association, cannot officially call herself a gondolier, and, by law, is only allowed to paddle guests from that hotel!)

I guess women get a pretty raw deal in Italy....Unless, of course, you want to be a prostitute and your name is something other than Mary - then you've got it made.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's A Girl!

So it's been a while since I've posted anything substantial...The whole family got what I believe was THE PLAGUE for a good three weeks....then we had family moving away that we had to say all the proper "goodbyes" to. And basically, things have just been busy around here! I guess life goes on despite your little hobbies:)

Well speaking of life, I thought now would be an appropriate time to announce the latest news for Una Mamma Italiana. As if we didn't have enough little bambini running around and keeping us busy, we're adding one more to the mix! That's right, another girl is on the way - sometime in May, we presume!

We are extremely excited for the newest addition! What this means for my husband and son, however, is a little less exciting. They will officially be outnumbered now (they already were 3:2) but now it will be 4:2!! Basically, this means that for the remainder of our family life, the girls will rule in almost all decisions - just the way life should be!

Anyway, I will be keeping everyone posted, but in the meantime, I am asking for name suggestions. (no "Med-E-Gone" names please!) Girls names are always harder for us, and since we have such a large family, most of the good ones are already taken!

So keep brainstorming and post some ideas for this mamma italiana to think about! Until then, CIAO from all of us!
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