Monday, February 2, 2009

It's A Girl!

So it's been a while since I've posted anything substantial...The whole family got what I believe was THE PLAGUE for a good three weeks....then we had family moving away that we had to say all the proper "goodbyes" to. And basically, things have just been busy around here! I guess life goes on despite your little hobbies:)

Well speaking of life, I thought now would be an appropriate time to announce the latest news for Una Mamma Italiana. As if we didn't have enough little bambini running around and keeping us busy, we're adding one more to the mix! That's right, another girl is on the way - sometime in May, we presume!

We are extremely excited for the newest addition! What this means for my husband and son, however, is a little less exciting. They will officially be outnumbered now (they already were 3:2) but now it will be 4:2!! Basically, this means that for the remainder of our family life, the girls will rule in almost all decisions - just the way life should be!

Anyway, I will be keeping everyone posted, but in the meantime, I am asking for name suggestions. (no "Med-E-Gone" names please!) Girls names are always harder for us, and since we have such a large family, most of the good ones are already taken!

So keep brainstorming and post some ideas for this mamma italiana to think about! Until then, CIAO from all of us!


Aunt Josie said...

I know you were tossing around the name Mia (overheard part of your conversation at lunch, but couldn't get into it, I forget why). Anyway, I was at Starbuck's (of all places) & picked up one of the cards with the recording stars names on it. Anyway...this singer's name is EMILIANA, which I think is very pretty and could be shortened to Mia.

Sara said...

Dear Mamma Italiana,
if you would like a nice name, which is even considered elegant in Italy and absolutely no absurd, I would suggest EMMA. It is a difficult name to mispronounce,too.
But this is only my humble contribute.
All the best to you and the baby.

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