Monday, September 26, 2011

Veggie Challenge Results!

After tallying the votes from both Una Mamma Italiana and Dom's Kitchen, the zucchini fritters came out on top! With another food challenge victory under my belt (check out my record here), my Italian Pride is gleaming....

But Chef Condo makes quite an interesting point. With each challenge we do, we have readers vote on both of our individual blogs. Now, as much as we talk trash on the Cucina Chatter radio show, we really are not in this for the money. (I mean, how can we be when there is no actual prize involved in this heated competition!?!) So, we just trust that people will actually vote with their preference.

This time, the fritters were champion on my site, while the Pepperonata clearly took the lead on Dom's. Could we possibly just have very loyal friends? Is Chef Condo paying off his readers to vote for him? Hey - I won't say it, but something smells fishy!!

Okay, okay - all kidding aside - Condo's analysis of this challenge is very true. My zucchini fritters were a fresh, trendy twist on a garden veggie dish, while his Pepperonata was a rustic, home style Italian favorite from the vault! Could East Coast foodies be more old school? Are West Coast readers after those new world concepts? Could be! But it sounds more like a case for a my college Cultural Studies professor that two Italian-food lovers!

This challenge is the first to really expose the fact that we are dueling bloggers from opposite coasts! It just reinforces how very cool this concept is! I am grateful to duke it out with a paisan across the country who loves Italian food & culture as much as I do! Readers get the benefit of two perspectives on the same general topic! And really, our MMC Food Challenges are quite possibly the best, most competitive oonline challenge there is.

If I had to lose to anyone, Dominic Condo would be my pick. But since I won, I'll surely rub it in.....

until the next food challenge, that is!

Piu Tardi!!!

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