Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mamma's Pepperonata

If you are an avid "Mamma Meets The Cucina" fan, then you might recall when my foodie friend and blogging nemesis...(jk) Dominic Condo.... made Pepperonata for our Veggie Challenge.  It was pretty awesome, I must admit.  But I had to do what I always do and try to show him up!

Pepperonata is one of those dishes that is very hearty and can be a side dish or a meal in and of itself.  The way I make MY twist on Pepperonata, is a bit spicier and, actually quite different all around.  It lacks the onions seen in Cucina Domenico's recipe, and it uses whole baby peppers instead of sliced bell peppers. Throw in a couple Jalepenos for some kick and you've got a trendy twist on an Italian classic!!

Mamma's Pepperonata!
The instructions for my recipe are minimal - you wash and pan sear your peppers in a bit of e.v.o.o. and pancetta.  The flavor from the rendered panceta is the secret in this dish.  Then you finish them off in the oven, roasting at around 400 degrees, turning occasionally.  Serve alongside crispy Italian bread or with chunks fo fresh Parmiggiano!  Buon Appetito!

And don't forget, if you're a bit more traditional, check out Dom's recipe here!

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Anonymous said...

Your dish looks beautiful and delicious. I've never had pepperonata without melanzana and I see that Domenico's doesn't include it either, perhaps it is a regional thing. Have a great Mother's day!

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