Monday, June 25, 2012

IT'S FIG SEASON!!! Fig jam and goat cheese with truffle honey on toast!

GREAT Summer appetizer or party snack here.... Little toast or cracker with goat cheese, fig spread and a drizzle of truffle honey!! A sprig of rosemary and you are lookin pretty snazzy! YUM!!

WAIT! Where do I find ingredients for this?! 
Goat Cheese - look for a log of goat cheese that you can spread on yourself. ( NOT spread goat cheese on yourself...just get a log of cheese that allows YOU to determine the amount you would like to spread on SOMETHING, like a cracker, or toast, not on you.) In other words, don't get the goat cheese crumbles.  Look at Costco or in your gourmet cheese section at the grocery store.

Fig Spread/Jam - I always have luck finding this in the gourmet section of TJ Maxx, or Trader Joes.  But while you are at TJ Maxx, do not pass up the chance to get yourself some Himalayan Pink Salt which I LOVE! And you might also want to stop by the housewares aisle to get yourself a nifty spanking spoon wooden spoon for making some awesome Sunday Gravy. And maybe the clearance rack to snag a cute dress for your daughter.........or five cute dresses, whatever.

Truffle Oil/ Truffly Honey - Trader Joes, or any good Italian Deli/Specialty shop!  I found white and black truffle oil at T.J, Maxx.  You could use either oil or honey for this appetizer - although the honey lends a certain sweetness that is perfect with the sharp, tangy goat cheese.

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