Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the winner is....

I am grateful to say that in our "Mamma Meets the Cucina" Gravy War, Una Mamma Italiana's gravy recipe came out on top! This is not to say Cucina Domenico's did not look super tasty as well! In fact, I will very soon be making his recipe and posting a review for all of you.

The whole point of this gravy war was to realize the signifiance of the Sunday Gravy tradition. And no matter which recipe looks closest to yours, any one who keeps the tradition going is the real winner. Let us never lose our cultural heritage that boasts such things as family meals and awesome food!

Try our gravy recipes. Dare to compare them! Why not submit your own recipe to us? We love to hear about other paisani that love Italia as much as we do.

So thanks for all the votes and Buon Appetito!


For my Son said...

Great blog! Your family looks so healthy!

I think the misconception is that Italian food is fattening, and indeed, the Americanised version of most dishes are.

When I visited Italy, I was amazed at how simple the dishes were in comparison. Each dish made the most of minimal ingredients, each of the highest quality and flavour.

Many families in America, the UK, and here in Australia are suffering from poor health due to low quality food. We need to return to traditional cooking methods like yours!

una mamma italiana said...

Well said! Traditional cooking really does mean using a lot of fresh ingredients...none of the fake, processed stuff! If we would just stick to the stuff that grows around us (peasant food!) we would all be healthier. In reality, this is a lot tastier too! God has given us some incredible flavors just on this great green earth!
Mangia Bene!

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