Monday, February 21, 2011

NEW: The Meatball Challenge Champion!

When Dominic Condo and Una Mamma Italiana, two of my fellow Cucina Chatter radio contributors asked me to weigh in on their meatball competition, I didn’t hesitate for a second! I love anything having to do with meatballs, especially trying new twists on how to make them or how to serve them. Unfortunately, I only got to “virtually” try them, by reading the mouth-watering recipes they both shared on their respective food sites and by looking at the tantalizing pictures. Neither were reinventing the actual meatball, rather coming up with different ways to serve them.

Let’s start with Una Mamma, she came up with a “Meatball Ring,” a sort of stuffed crust pizza made with croissant dough and a raised crust filled with meatballs and a flat center which she topped with salad. It looked fantastic! Oh, if only I could have eaten it! Dom’s creation was a meatball Stromboli. Of course, I did not get to taste his either, but Strombolis are one of my favorite things! He recommends a combo of mozzarella and provolone inside, and to that I couldn’t agree more. I love combining different cheeses and meats in a Stromboli or calzone. While both looked fantastic, my vote goes to the Stromboli and the polls reflected that. Now if they each want to ship me their creations to me here in New Jersey, I could get a better feel for the flavor…

Nice job you guys, Lorraine can attest to the fact that there’s never any losers in an Italian cucina—even though my meatballs and gravy won out when we squared off in our own throwdowns last year. Keep on rollin’!

– Johnny Meatballs
Meatball King of New Jersey - As Seen on TV!

A big Italian congratulations to Dom on his FIRST win of our "Mamma Meets The Cucina" food challenges! Of course, there's no need to mention that I won the last two competitions in a row. But naturally, I'll say it! And it was time to let him taste victory - just this once.

Be not afraid, paisans - I will not be so kind in the future! The next competition will inevitably feature my comeback - and, as you may know, I like to make quite an entrance...
Bravo Cucina Domenico!

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