Monday, November 17, 2008

Italian Childrens' Books!

No true Italian could ever forget reading Strega Nona as a kid. It's that heartwarming tale of how an old witch lady from Calabria and the infamous Anthony make her famous soup. In a desperate quest for Italian stories for kids, I recently found out that the talented author of these books, Tomie DePaola, has actually written a series of Strega Nona stories (as well as many others) for the very purpose that Una Mamma Italiana exists - to keep Italian culture alive.
He even has a Befana story.....and if you're not familiar with the legend of La Befana, keep an eye out for my December Article in La Voce!! (

That's what's so great about his stories - they are all about culture. Well, we LOVE Tomie for that. And...he even has a selection of Christmas stories that would make GREAT gifts this year. I am ordering the entire line for my kids this year. You can find some great deals on used books on Amazon, and I'll even bet ebay has a selection. To buy directly from Tomie's own hometown bookstore, go to where very copy you purchase is autographed by Tomie. Just click on "Tomie DePaola."

Here is a list of titles & prices form them for his Christmas/Thanksgiving/Religious/Easter books only. This is not even his entire selection of books and look how cute some of the stories sound! I can't wait to build up a library of these.
(list courtesy of Morgan Hill Bookstore)

Check out his personal site for so much more info!

Angels Angels Everywhere (14.99)
Christopher the Holy giant (17.95/6.95)
The Clown of God (16.00/7.00)
Country Angel Christmas (16.95)
Francis Poor Man of Assisi (18.95/9.95)
Get Dressed Santa (a board book 6.99)
Guess Who's Coming to Santa's for Dinner? (16.99/6.99)
The Holy Twins (18.99)
Legend of Old Befana An Italian Christmas Story (16.00/6.00)
Legend of the Poinsettia (16.99/6.99)
Mary the Mother of Jesus (16.95)
My First Thanksgiving (a board book 6.99)
The Night before Christmas (6.95)
Night of Las Posadas (16.99/6.99)
Parables of Jesus (8.95)
Pascual and the Kitchen Angels (16.99/5.99)
Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland (17.95/6.95)
Petook An Easter Story (16.95)
Tomie's Little Christmas Pagent (a board book 7.99)

To all other "Mamma Italianas" out there --- you owe this to your children...Italian bedtime stories are just one more way to keep the traditions alive in your families. Salute!


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ciao... I really interested at your book.. I'm in Indonesia, how can I get or buy your books ?

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