Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things that bug me

Everyone's got 'em, and I'm no exception:


Those who know me are UNfortunate enough know all the things that bug me:

-leftover food in the sink (it belongs in the trash, my friends)
-when the sheets get all messed up under the covers
-nose pickers (all three of my children)
-dust (it bugs me, but I rarely do anything about it...I mean, cleaning it)
-jarred sauce (it's a waste of too much oregano)
-nails on a chalkboard
-grinding teeth
-cheese that doesn't melt

Okay, this is just a short list, but this last one is my BIGGEST pet peeve right now. I've lately been confronted with issues buying cheese for my family. Mozarella, Romano, Parmiggiano, you name it.

Have you ever bought that pre-shredded cheese that you put on top of lasagne and it stays in the exact same shape...? I mean, it doesn't melt. It just looks like slightly wilted shreds of mozarella that frighteningly resemble plastic or something.

I can't stand it. It is gross. Why? because it's not real cheese. Just like the parmesan stuff in the green plastic container. How does anyone use this stuff without gagging? The only difference between this and the mozarella is that it's grated shavings of plastic. What is the culinary world coming to?

I can't even get good quality grated romano cheese at the grocery store. I have to go to a specialty Italian deli. And you can never buy pre-shredded cheese. For those of you who are lazy like me, this is a very sad realization to come to....but believe me, the arm workout that self-grating requires is worth it.

Before long, it's going to be almost impossible to find quality Italian food. There's one place I know of that still has some of the best imported stuff, In the near future I'll be posting about some great salami and hot chili pepper jam they sell....stop drooling, "I'll be updating soon. Any other pet peeves worth venting over? I'd love to hear them:)

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Dominic Condo said...


Thanks for the great link. I used to buy these fantastic cherry peppers in oil and garlic from another Italian online store, but wasn't happy with the last case of jars. They weren't prepared the same as previous years. I'll definitely give Ditalia a try!

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