Friday, April 9, 2010

L'Italiano vero - a real Italian

I guess Italy had their share of 80's hits! I stumbled across this song and found it to be sort of relative. Those who know me know I never stop talking about the demoralization of society...yep, that's me, Miss positive attitude:)

Actually I find the meaning behind these lyrics to be fairly meaningful. Obviously, the artist had strong sentiments about the changes taking place in Italy. I can relate! And I live in an entirely different country!

So to get the real meaning of this catchy 80"s Italian hit, click here, where the lyrics are broken down for us med-e-gones!

The song is called "Lasciatemi cantare" by Toto Cutugno.

Please comment - we could use some (dare I say *controversial*) conversation on this blog :)


Dominic Condo said...

Isn't it amazing how beautiful those simple lyrics sound in Italian? A dance version of that song (by the Sicilians) was played at our friend's wedding recently. Most of her family flew in from Italy for the wedding. Everyone was up dancing to the song, as a huge Italian flag was passed around and eventually draped over the bride. What a blast!

Living less than a 2 hour drive from the New Jersey beaches, you can imagine the heated arguments that have stirred up in our neighborhood's Italian communities over MTV's 'The Jersey Shore'. It was very inspiring to see so many people, both young and old, demanding for the show to be pulled because it doesn't represent the true Italian culture (I have never been a fan of reality shows, nor have I ever considered myself a 'Guido', so I didn't lose that much sleep over it). But it is nice to see this song shed a positive light on Italian pop culture. Thanks for sharing!

Una Mamma Italiana said...

Dom, I know exactly what you mean. I don't consider myself a guido Italian, so I'm not really that offended persoally. Since those shows represent a whole other idea of "Italians" (a group to which I thankfully do not belong) they don't really offend true Italians.

However - for those people who are not fortunate enough to know the true beauty of Italian culture, this is what they are taught (or force-fed) to be the real Italian.

I guess it is just their loss...but with Mother's Day coming up, I wrote an article for LA VOCE Italian-American newspaper on this very same idea. I did my part to clear up the mess of Italian stereotypes about none other than - the MAMMA!

I'll post that as soon as it is published online!

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