Thursday, April 8, 2010


"Ho fame" - or in English, I'm hungry!!!! Actually, starving........

for an authentic Italian local restaurant. One advantage to living in Vegas was the fancy restaurants on the Strip. Those were okay, I guess.

But the greatest advantage was the fact that I lived there for over 14 years, so we really got to know the owners of the restaurants we frequented.

Oh how I wish I had some of those places to eat around the corner from our new home in Washington state.

I know I will find my way around here. I just haven't had time yet. All I want, really, is a good Italian restaurant.

So I am calling all readers to a challenge - it's a small world, right? So, please, ask your family, your friends, your coworkers -

"Do you know of any good Italian restaurants in Spokane, Washington????"

That's the million dollar question. I'm just putting it out there. Please help me satisfy my cravings!

P.S. - I DID come across a local vendor of Italian Sausage at the Arts, Crafts, and Food Fair this February. Cosenza Sausage was pretty darn good, and it had NO FENNEL! I personally do not like fennel in my sausage - that's just me. So I was thrilled to say the least. The best news in - the super nice JOHN ships this fabulous sausage so give him a call (509) 217 - 5266.

I really hope you guys can come through for me on this one! Please comment with the million dollar answer.............SUBITO!

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