Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have two favorite things right now - Italian french toast and McDonald's apple pies.

What?...that's perfectly normal.....:)

I'm pregnant, therefore I eat.......for two. Which is probably why I finish two of these pies for breakfast and then again around 10:30 p.m. like clockwork. Some may see this as simply a poor pregnant girl indulging her craving. I choose to look at it quite differently...

I am doing the American fast food industry a favor. I am passing onto my children a lifetime of tastebuds for America's #1 fast food chain. They will inevitably grow up and continue my legacy of buying every McDonalds in town out of their apple pie supply. I kid you not. Then I go home, eat two, and stash the rest in the fridge. It's really quite brilliant, if I do say so myself. And while it may not be healthy (or Italian), I still reason out this craving to be my serving of fruit for the morning.

Likewise, I find the "health" in my love of Italian French Toast. You have no idea what this is, you say? Well, let me enlighten you, my friends, for you are missing out on something truly wonderful.

Now, I have been eating this since I was a kid, and when I share the recipe with people I usually get one of two responses. Either the person is completely disgusted at my excessive use of mayonnaise, or they are completely IN LOVE with my excessive use of mayonnaise!

So my dad and I used to get up on a Saturday morning and soak some of the Italian bread from last night's dinner in a mixture of beaten eggs, heavy cream, grated romano cheese, basil, black pepper, and a touch of garlic salt. Heavenly! Then we would fry it in some melted butter to make our own version of french toast! Then....wait for it......we would dip the entire thing in a mayonnaise sauce made from mayo, grated cheese, basil, pepper, and a touch of garlic salt! Again, heavenly. (Yes, this was breakfast)

Well, my husband, who works in the hotel business, likes to go back in the kitchen and spend some time with the Chef every so often. They sit there and talk and eat and concoct recipes and......... I'm really quite jealous of his job, now that I think of it.....must be nice.

Anyway, unbeknownst to him, my hubby came home one day to show me his latest creation, which happened to be an adaptation of my favorite Italian breakfast snack - the french toast! He spread the exact mayonnaise mixture on sliced ciabatta bread, and then fried it in some melted butter. It was the PERFECT snack for the little one inside me (It's really not about me, people. It's whatever the BABY likes!!!) Well, this baby loves it.

And so as I conquer random nausea and my disgust at the sight of certain foods, the apple pies and Italian French toast are still keeping me - I mean, baby - happy. They are the only things that I can eat early in the morning without feeling like gagging, which is odd considering the richness of the mayo and butter, and the sweetness of the apple pies, but hey - it's not my taste - it's this baby!

Why do I think I'll end up with a picky eater?

Well, I must leave you all with one warning. I am known for falling in love with a certain snack, and then eating so much of it that I can no longer even stand the thought of eating it again. I went through this during my last pregnancy with Twinkies, and I'm afraid I might be at it again. Which saddens me, considering my lifelong love for the above mentioned items. Nonetheless, I will try to use the principle of moderation, and I might need some help. I need some other 'craving ' suggestions to feed this baby:) Comment with your ideas or post them on facebook. I'd love to hear the strangest cravings you or someone you know has had while pregnant!

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