Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Italian Signs Craft Project

As a "mamma italiana" I am always looking for projects to do with my kids. This is a great one for the little helpers, but the payoff is the best part. With this easy Italian Sign Craft, you can create a great decor item for your house or even a great Christmas gift for your Italian amici.

For this craft, simply go to your local craft store and buy individual wood letters with a flat bottom. (They will need to stand flush on a wood base)

Spell out any of your favorite words, or even your last name!

For the base, any thin piece of flat wood will do. I chose a scrap from my garage, but for the size you'll need, you can find them at a home improvement store for next to nothing.

Place the letters onto the wood base as you want them to appear. Usually these letters have holes in the bottom so you can use a small screw to affix each letter to the base. otherwise, a strong wood glue will work just fine.

Allow to dry, then spray paint the entire piece in your color of choice. The finished product is just as nice as those fancy, expensive signs you find at home decor stores. I did the word "AMORE" for under $10.00.

These are great gifts too. If you know a family with not too long of a last name, you can really come up with a cheap yet thoughtful Christmas gift. Here are some more great word ideas:

Display your favorite place in Italy:
Italia, Roma, Venezia, Firenze, etc

These are great above the cabinets, on a shelf, or even on the counter. I display my "Amore" sign on my fridge!
Cucina, Cibo, Vino, Pasta, Salute, Amore

The possibilites are endless. If music is not your hobby, name whatever you love and display that!

This is such an easy project that costs nearly nothing but leaves a lasting impression. With the holidays around the corner, this could save you lots of shopping! Please comment with your word ideas......CIAO!


Meghan Poort said...

cute Tiff! Way to be creative!!

Aunt Josie said...

Love the signs! I have a couple of spots that I can think of to display them. I'll take a stab at it. Thanks for the idea.

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