Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Commercialized

Well, Una Mamma has been at it again....revealing my very opinionated self in my articles!

My newest article focuses on the commercialization of the Christmas season. Perhaps you might not realize how bad it really is until you get pushed over in the mall by a crazed holiday shopper. Hopefully, you won't have to suffer that - just read my article instead:)

It's my little way of remembering what Christmas is really supposed to be about. I'm sure you all know people who try to outdo each other every year with the biggest and best gift. Well, personally, I would be happy with a thoughtful card or a token from the dollar store. It does NOT make me happy to know someone spent a bunch of money on me just to fulfill their deeply rooted psychological need to impress people. Know what I mean?

Anyways, let's all try to keep the true spirit of giving in the forefront this year. And please, comment and share your own family's Christmas traditions. You never know what it might mean to someone else.

My article, "Christmas Commercialized," appears on

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Anonymous said...

Our tradition is that each of us puts there name on a piece of paper in a hat. We pick a name at random. We buy from the dollar store something we think the other person would like (1.00 limit)

I'm blessed: enough people give my kids presents that I don't have to worry about them not having enough.

una mamma italiana said...

TO MAX THE SPOON: What a tradition! I LOVE that becasue it challenges people to be thoughtful and very creative!! Its so much more fun getting some little token from the heart than a big outrageous gift you really don't need. Thanks for the comment!

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