Saturday, December 20, 2008

A White Christmas

getting ready for the snow!!! (As you can see in the following pictures, my youngest never made it out there!)

the first of three snowmen that got progressively larger as the snow kept falling!

look at that - at least 10 inches!

Anyone from Vegas knows snow is a RARITY.....but last week it snowed twice! We live closer to the mountains so we got about 8 or 10 inches and it's still here! I know it has nothing to do with la bella italia, but I thought I'd share our snowy photos with you all!

Plus it's pretty funny thinking about how my husband's ride home from work consisted of getting snuck in the snow and rolling on the ice!!! Then, he had to park his car down the street and walk home because it wouldn't make it up the hill!!! Poor guy...he loved it though! Now we have the story to tell our kids when times are tough - "Hey, kids, you think life is hard? We had to walk uphill in the snow, barefoot!"

Okay maybe not barefoot, but it makes the story sound better right?

Well, I hope wherever you are your families enjoy a wonderful Christmas - white or not!

I know our Christmas will be full of family, fun, and food!! So, I will definitely follow up with recipes and pictures after the holidays! Until then,

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo !

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Meghan Poort said...

I called you today girl and got your voicemail. Sorry I have been lame and out of touch.. as you can see by my blog.. I am nuts. Wasn't the snow wild?! Grace and Oscar had a fabulous time!!

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