Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remember this????

Anyone who knows me knows I like to cook, but hate to bake!! It's too scientific for me. One mistake and you've ruined the whole recipe. Not so with a Sunday Gravy!! You could always add a little more of this or that to fix it, and no one would ever know!! Now, that's my kind of cooking!

But yes, this mamma can sometimes be clumsy in the kitchen (hard to believe considering how perfect I am the rest of the time) - especially when it comes to baking.

However, I've recently fallen in love with learning how to bake certain goodies for my family, especially in my new Stoneware Muffin Tin!!!!!! Can I just say I LOVE Stoneware for baking.....such an excellent conductor of heat, and it cooks recipes like my banana muffins perfectly evenly.

Well, imagine my surprise when the packaging on my stoneware had a picture of this:

Remind you of anything? For anyone who keeps up with all of my Mamma Meets the Cucina Food Challenges, you might remember the meatball challenge this past February. I humbly (but happily) gave the victory to my dueling co-blogger, Dominic Condo for his Meatball Stromboli. It was super yummy! But MY recipe was actually a MEATBALL RING, much like the picture on my stoneware packaging!!!! So really, my creative unique idea is a little more popular than I thought.

NOTE: they obviously stole this idea from my blog and immediately had it printed up for their company's promotional purposes. Despicable. Naturally, my lawyer is drawing up copyright lawsuit papers as you read this......

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