Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Family Cookbook

Years ago, my crafty and talented Aunt Marie created a family cookbook. She compiled family recipes (old and new) along with photographs of family and Italy. She then had it bound under the name "Cucina Di Rosa" after my Grandma Rose. Now the cookbook rests on the countertop of everyone in the family.
It is a wonderful way of preserving old recipes, and leaving room for new ones with lots of blank recipe pages. I will henceforth try to post a recipe from there every so often. I am always looking for new ones, too.
This is one way of keeping Italian traditions alive that I would encourage every family to do. Buon Appetito....
TOMATO BASIL SAUCE Passed down from my Nonnina (my great grandmother Lucia)
Saute 1 onion (diced) in olive oil and butter until transparent
Add 2 cans whole peeled tomatoes, blend until smooth
Add black/red pepper to taste
Add large bunch of Basil (you can either cook in the flavor while whole and then remove it, or add it earlier and blend it into the sauce)
Cook for one hour
This recipe is SO simple, yet SO tasty. I chose this one first, as it is very basic and super easy to try...but look forward to more in the near future!


Apple said...

Where can I buy this book.

una mamma italiana said...

oh! I wish it was for sale! But it is more of a family thing:) My Aunt made it as a gift for everyone in the family at a Kinko's or something!! Are there cetain recipes you would like to see me post?
I will definitely be posting more recipes from the book soon, and if you click on the recipe section of this blog, there are already quite a few posted! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks so much for the reply. I did not have a dish in my mind when I asked you that question. I am a working mom of two kids under 4. Any ideas for something that I can prepare over the weekend and heat it up in the weekdays for fast easy dinner would be a great help. Or any suggestion for a good itallian cookbook. Thanks.

una mamma italiana said...

I love to cook up a big batch of ground beef, mildly seasoned with salt, pepper, and minced oniona nd garlic. then freeze it. Later in the week, you can use it to start a great meat sauce (meat sauce over pasta and topped with mozarella cheese makes a great freezer meal made ahead of time, thawed, and then baked)

Also - I will sometimes sprinkle on some taco seasoning and reheat for tacos, or spice it up to make a number of other dishes. Check out my post on 5 things to do with ground beef:

Hope that helps!!

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