Tuesday, September 2, 2008

San Gennaro

So September is here which means the arrival of the San Gennaro feast to cities across the nation. This year's festa in Las Vegas promises to be bigger and better than the last. And on opening day, "mamma italianas" ride the rides for free. Yes, the Italian mother's dream has finally come true, we no longer have to pay for the coveted rides at San Gennaro.

Seriously though, the rides and the candy are fun and all, but even I can remember back to when the San Gennaro feast was a little less commercial. It was a day commemorating Saint Gennaro, Bishop of Naples. Processions, parades, and culinary treats were made in his honor. There was singing, dancing, rides, and entertainment which the whole family loves. Nowadays, something about it just seems so much less Italian. Does any one understand what I mean? Maybe it is because Vegas has no real 'little Italy." Maybe it's because the times cause everyone to worry about crime. Maybe it's the economy? (I love using that one!)
Regardless, it is still a fun outing with the (little) kids. Maybe we just need to kick it up a little bit. Ideas, anyone? How could we make this "la festa de tutte le feste?"

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