Sunday, September 7, 2008

Il Naso "the nose"

Most Italians can relate to me with the whole 'roman nose' feature. I'm pretty sure they call it that to disguise the fact that its just plain ugly. After all, Italians can have pretty large noses - something I learned very quickly in my childhood. My father used to say he hoped one day my face would catch up to my nose so that it wouldn't look so big! (good thing I have thick skin, right?)

Well, the torments of my childhood have made a comeback via my 2 year old daughter. One day we were all playing around, wrestling on the floor and she stops suddenly to say, "Mamma, you have a big nose."

Once my husband gained control of his laughter he asked her, "Who's nose is bigger, mamma's or daddy's?" Of course, she said mine was. Given her astutely sharp mind I am not surprised by her observation, or her bluntness..... (those of you who know her know what I mean). When she made the comment, this is what the look on her face said:

" you know how BIG your nose is? What a terrible shame. It's just so BIG! How unfortunate, you must do something about that."

And then she resumed playing.

oh, from the mouths of babes......

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