Monday, September 8, 2008

Italian women...burden or blessing?

As you've noticed I began an "Proverbio Italiano" section on the sidebar of this site. The only problem I have is that many of these meaningful sayings require much more attention than a simple translation. There is some serious meaning behind most of these, especially the Sicilian ones (my dad's side is Calabrese). So I have included two, quite paradoxical sayings that concern Italian women. My only claim for authority on this subject is the fact that, let's face it - I am one. I believe these qualifications are enough to explain the following:

One Sicilian Proverb says, "La buona moglie fa il buon marito"
Translation: A good wife makes a good husband.

To me, this is quite true. Oftentimes the woman is the glue that holds the family together, and I've known a few good women to change a few not-so-good men. Contrary to popular belief, women are actually quite beloved in Italian culture. After all, an Italian man's first love is his mamma. (I'm hoping for my son, I am his only love.....yes, its psycho, but I have time to get over it - he's only four.)

And everyone knows Italian men would be lost without the woman that cooks for them. (to the heart through the stomach, my mom always said) Face it, a good Italian woman can straighten out a crooked Italian man. (If you have found an Italian man who is not crooked - by this I mean perfect - let me know, it would be a monumental moment in history.) So it is safe to say, as a qualified judge of Italian women, that this proverb holds some water....except we drown in the next proverb...

"Chi ha moglie ha doglie"
Translation: Who has a wife has strife
Unfortunately, my experience forces me to agree with this one also. Yes, it is sad (and difficult) to admit, but I can say, from experience, that a wife causes a husband much strife.....especially an Italian one. I have to confess that every so often (okay, maybe most often) my Italian temper gets the best of me...... I just use the excuse that 'it's in my blood.' (that one doesn't work, by the way). Undeniably, Italian women will likely cause their husband some perfectly justifiable strife, at least a few times (okay, hundrends of times) in their marraige. It's just the facts, folks....

So after careful examination of the two proverbs, I have realized the dilemma....And there is only one obvious solution here....

we must write a new proverb. Perhaps it could go something like this:

"Nothing in life is free....for a good wife, you pay with strife."
I know there's a more experienced Italian spouse out there who has a list of these things......come on, who's got a better one?


Meghan Poort said...

ha! Love it Tiff.. what would our men do without us?!

Angelo M. Damiano said...

Italian can love them or leave them, but can never ignore them....anaonymous

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