Monday, September 15, 2008

Those Italian Songs

Being the daughter of first generation Italian Americans, I have been blessed with wonderful memories of my heritage. But I've been cursed with not understanding them all of the time. I always knew the basic rules (Sunday is family day, never buy jarred pasta sauce, etc) but I didn't always know the how's and why's behind them. Another example is this song. I grew up hearing this song. I know the tune by memory, I've even fiddled around with it on the piano....but do I know what they are saying? NO. I can't understand Italian that well, plus it usually goes so fast! So, in effort to keep alive that Italian tradition, I have searched for the lyrics to teach my own kids. (they already love dancing around the house to it!) It's such a fun song, and its about music which is a big deal in my family. So here it is...sing along to an old classic. (I think it was sung by Lou Monte...I'm not sure who sings this sing-a-long version, but enjoy!)

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